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Frisco passes agreement on Toyota Stadium upgrades and Hall of Fame facility

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The measure passed unanimously.

This side of the stadium is about to receive a huge facelift.
This side of the stadium is about to receive a huge facelift.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In a 6-0 vote, the city of Frisco approved a budget measure that would extend FC Dallas' lease on Toyota Stadium with the city through the year 2037. The passing of that measure will cost FC Dallas an extra $1 million a year in rent to the city and will help usher in construction on a $37 million project that will bring upgrades to the ten-year old stadium that likely include the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

In the link above from the Dallas Morning News, the next step in this process will be getting approval from the Frisco Economic Development Corp., the Frisco Community Development Corp. and Frisco ISD, the three groups that will also fund the money in this project.

According to documents provided by the city of Frisco, total construction will cover 95,000 sq. ft. with the bulk of this coming on the south end towards Frisco Square. An additional option will be 'complex canopy structures' added throughout the stadium. I wouldn't expect a full on roof being built over the stands but the wording in these documents support some structure that would lend to some sort of cover coming to the stands.

The documents also reveal some additional big changes to both the team offices and locker rooms. Both are currently on the north west side of the stadium but will likely see a move to the south side of the facility with this upgrade. Video and sound systems in the stadium will be upgraded as well in this project.

From the sound of things, we should see a significant change in the south end of the stadium both in terms of look and number of seats. Present, the south end is the only part of the stadium that has bleacher seating. That part may not change but the number of available seats in that area will certainly be decreased with this construction.

Here are some screenshots from the presentation that was given last night to help give you an idea:

This is a top view of the south stand structure. - via City of Frisco

And this is a lateral view of the south stand structure. - via City of Frisco

Either way, the south end of the stadium is about to get a makeover in a very positive way. Part of me hopes the city and the club can find a way to help bring 'downtown' feel of Frisco square closer to the stadium. I'd love to see more emphasis put on making the walk-up factor of the stadium better from that end of the facility.

What do you make of this news that is coming out? Happy to see that Frisco is on board with these upgrades and improvements?