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FIFA 16 ratings for FC Dallas players

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FCD player ratings going up in FIFA 16.


FIFA 16 releases on Tuesday and Futhead has published every player's rating. Overall, they always undervalue MLS and Americans, so I won't dive into that much. But, let's take a look at FC Dallas.


I think they got the forwards right. What do you think?


No surprise that Fabian Castillo is the highest rated FC Dallas player this year. He's been stellar and after an MLS All-Star nod, he deserved to be bumped up by four points. His potential was only 76 in FIFA 15, so I'm guessing it'll be at least 80 after the year he has had.

Mauro Diaz and Michael Barrios get upgrades. Although, Barrios should probably be higher.

Victor Ulloa finally goes up. Michel actually goes down, which is understandable. However, Kellyn Acosta should probably be higher than Michel, given how recent months have gone. But, Acosta did go up from 57 to 64. Big jump and they finally got his position right.

Ryan Hollingshead got the biggest jump, going from 49 to 62.

Alex Zendejas wasn't even on the game until earlier this season. He was a 49 and now he's a 56. Coy Craft jumps up from 47 to 52, although he's still the worst FCD player on the game. Sorry, Coy.


Matt Hedges gets the award of highest rated defender for Dallas, obviously. He jumps up from 69 to 72. It's about time.

Zach Loyd and Bakary Soumare make sense.

Walker Zimmerman sees a nice bump in rating from 61 to 65. Well done.

Je-Vaughn Watson and Moises Hernandez seem right.

Atiba Harris' position is correct now and his rating is about correct.

Stephen Keel stays exactly the same.

This bugs me. They still have Otis Earle's position wrong. It's so simple to get this right. He's a left back. Also, why is he on the game and Danny Garcia (also on loan at Arizona United) isn't? Danny must not be happy about that.


Dan Kennedy and Chris Seitz are pretty accurate. Jesse Gonzalez should be higher than 56 with the way he's been playing recently, or at least his potential.

Average rating

Overall there rating on FIFA 16 earns them a 64 rating compared to other squads, which I'm sure is lower than other MLS teams, when it shouldn't be.