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Report: Vote on Soccer Hall of Fame reveals stadium upgrades

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This little wrinkle may explain some things.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We've known for some time that FC Dallas and Frisco may be getting the home of the National Soccer Hall of Fame. Reports have been circling around the web lately that the USSF and the Hunts are working on finalizing a deal to bring the facility to North Texas.

Today we have some new news that could make this deal very interesting for FC Dallas fans. According to the Frisco Blog on the Dallas Morning News, a city council vote is planned for tonight that may help shape the deal for real. While we know the facility will get an upgrade, so will Toyota Stadium according to the report.

On the list are renovations to locker rooms, upgrades to video and audio technology, a suite level expansion and a structured canopy roof for the south end zone seating.

A memo attached to the city council's agenda from Frisco City Manager George Purefoy notes that the proposed Hall of Fame space would be large enough to host meetings and dining events. FC Dallas will also be exploring the possibility of attracting a hotel adjacent to the stadium to take advantage of the space, according to the memo.

Frisco Blog, Dallas Morning News

Also on the docket to be voted on is the terms of the stadium lease between the Hunts, FC Dallas and the city of Frisco. The report suggests that the vote could move the lease to 2037 to help accommodate the upgrades.

Naturally all of us care about any sort of stadium upgrades that could take place. We've all wanted a canopy of sorts over the stands at this stadium for some time. I've been told that some part of the canopy discussion and why the club hasn't done anything thus far is because of how many concerts they host in a year and what that could potentially do to the sound that comes from hosting those type of events. I'm sure the architecture is being worked out that it wouldn't be a big change though.