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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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We're at the midway point in September.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It is hard to believe that this month is half over already but we push forward as FC Dallas gets ready for SKC.

// FC Dallas //

MLS Now: Handicapping the Shield race |

As of right now, FCD is firmly in the Supporters' Shield race as they have some games-in-hand over teams like Vancouver and LA. Those two games next month with the Caps may very well determine whether or not FCD wins this thing.

// MLS //

Who made the 24 Under 24 shortlist |

This is always a big debate each fall, the annual youngster list. I do see several FCD players on the shortlist for this, which likely means we'll see a few make the cut in to the top 24 again.

DCU reserves have CCL quarters in their path | Black and Red United

While a lot of MLS teams use a mixed lineup in the group stage of the CCL, DCU is almost going full reserves here. They just need a draw at home tonight to advance.

Wages aren't the only part of the MLS story | ASN

I'll say this off the bat, this one is kind of long but it does paint a good picture as to why people decide to come to MLS. It isn't all million dollar contracts like in England.

Roman Torres out for the season | Sounder at Heart

Huge blow for the Sounders' defense as they head towards a big playoff run battle down the stretch. Torres hasn't competed in a ton of games since joining the team in the summer but you could already sense at how good he would be for them.

How injuries have affected Orlando City's expansion season | The Mane Land

As much as we get annoyed by Mauro Diaz missing a few games here and there for 'injuries' that we cannot explain, I have to say I am thankful we aren't having to figure out if FCD is dealing with more injuries than the rest of the West this season.

Orlando City to announce NWSL team |

Speaking of Orlando, their owners are reportedly about to announce a NWSL expansion team. Very cool to see another MLS owner getting involved with the women's league.

LAFC is marketing to millennials | LA Times

It is certainly entertaining in some ways to see how this club is evolving over time. I can't say I agree with everything they are doing here but they are at least catching some folks attention in LA.

Here is Preki |

So Grant Wahl and Brian Straus found where Preki was hiding, or hanging out...or whatever.