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Workhorse of the Week vs New York City FC

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Is that a bird? A plane? No, it's Michel. Put a cape on the dude, as the unlikely hero led FC Dallas in its continued surge against a feisty New York City FC team loaded with superstars. But beyond his performance, who else stood out and helped FCD claim another huge three points?

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Congratulations to last week's Workhorse of the Week winner, Matt Hedges, with a huge 20 votes. He deserved it, and he may deserve it again this week.


New York City FC have a bright future. They have a solid coach in Jason Kreis. They have a smattering of pieces, some great and some not so great. Any team loaded with guys named Pirlo, Lampard, and Villa should do alright. But this team hasn't figured it out in the present, which FC Dallas was happy to capitalize on at home.

This was not the prettiest game from FC Dallas, but they too are a team that is having to dig deep. Where is Mauro Diaz? Where was Victor Ulloa? Does it surprise anyone that Blas Perez did not make the field? Going to Michel in the starting lineup was a nice move from Pareja, who knew that his squad might need some extra fireworks to get a big result. Michel was the right fit, earning an assist and goal on a fun night in Frisco.

Will he start again next week? Only Oscar knows.

Week to week right now, Pareja has his team going into each game better prepared than we have seen in a while. They are not being selfish either. Castillo was not his normal dangerous self on Saturday, but he didn't have to be with Akindele and Michel on fire. Castillo didn't seem to pout. None of the team did as they labored to see out a solid result against a dangerous team.

Beyond the goal scorers, who do you think helped FC Dallas achieve this big result? Who exemplified the fighting spirit of this club? Cast your vote for them below.

This Week's Strong Recommendations

Matt Hedges

The dude was hobbled late in the second half, and he did not ask to come off and continued to be a presence. He saved a couple of goals all by himself. Vote for Matt.

Kellyn Acosta

Kellyn probably had more pressure on him than any other player, as he had to figure out a way, in a short amount of time, to work with Michel. He had to cover more ground. He had to make up for some of Michel's deficiencies and provide cover for the back line against NYCFC. I think he's worthy of your consideration.