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View from the East Stand: Star-studded Evening

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FC Dallas played host to a host of super stars on a beautiful Saturday night in Frisco Texas.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night in Texas, and FC Dallas had a task ahead of them with NYCFC coming to town desperate for points. Jason Kreis-led teams normally didn't fare well here in Dallas, but this was a new one with some summer reinforcements. Two World Cup winners, a USMNT member and a Chelsea legend all played in the match for the opposing team and had a hand in attracting a larger than normal crowd. It was a pretty sloppy game, two pieces of magic was all we needed though.

The Fans

There were more New York City FC fans than I had thought there would've been for a new franchise. I saw multiple jerseys around the stadium and even a small section of visiting fans in the stands. In addition to the NYCFC fans, there was another part of the crowd who were there for the European footballers on display. Numerous Pirlo jerseys, which surprisingly outnumbered the Chelsea jerseys from what I saw. Of course there were also many people wearing the Barcelona jerseys in tribute to the legend David Villa.

Our own fans also came out in force though. All sections were very well stocked, and there was an energy in the crowd for most of the game. I'd say the only time the energy was low was when the entire stadium was nervous for the last few minutes after the penalty kick. Those were unnecessary minutes of nervousness though, the foul that led to the penalty was dumb.

Two Magic Moments

Two moments of magic from FC Dallas gave them the win over Jason Kries' New York side. One came from an awesome bullet from Tesho who was given way too much space. The second was from a Michel olimpico, which I'm so thankful I got to see in person. Sure, the defense and goalkeeper totally whiffed on the ball, but it was stunning to see. Murmurs around the crowd mainly were 'I didn't even know that could happen'.

The Ref Section

Was it just me? Or did the referees have some whack moments. I've said numerous times in my articles that refereeing is a very difficult job, but c'mon. Numerous out of bound calls were strange, some dubious foul calls with Villa bringing his flopping back from Barcelona, and of course the penalty kick. It didn't look by much from my vantage point, so my initial thought was 'oh, I guess MLS really doesn't want NYCFC to miss the playoffs?' Tin foil hat on.

My most exciting player to watch this game was Matt Hedges. The dude was a rock in the back against the best Europe has shipped over here. Good one on one tackles, perfect anticipation and interceptions. El Capitan did it again, and would've helped keep a clean sheet if not for that penalty call.

My fan quote of the night comes from a kid trying to start a chant: 'FC Dallas on 3! 1, 2, 3!...*silence*' He didn't even do the chant. Too funny.

Did you guys think the referee was off of his head as well? Did you also wear your AC Milan/Chelsea jersey to the game? Anyone stay and get autographs or pictures with the players? Let me know in the comments below!