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FC Dallas vs New York City: Gif of the Week

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas downed expansion side New York City FC on Saturday night with a 2-1 result. This was pretty hard to choose from; that rocket from a really tight angle from Tesho Akindele or ANOTHER Olimpico from Michel? I flipped a coin and it was Tesho. Enjoy.

That is a pretty ridiculous angle to score from.

But here's the Olimpico because set piece goals are cool.

Try not to watch that goal a dozen times, we dare you.

Did anyone else notice this from David Texeira? Hustle. Tackle. Pass. Hustle. HUSTLE MORE. Call for ball. Create shot chance. Where's this guy been for the past two years? You are growing on us Tex, slowly but surely you are getting better here.


Then there's the classic "We just gave up two goals after the 45th minute, right before the half. Cool." look. Poor Jason Kreis. He deserves so much better than this.


And for a final bonus, courtesy of the good folks over at @P1s4soccertalk for this gem of a Michel reaction: