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FC Dallas vs New York City FC: Match Prediction

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Goals on goals action in this one.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports
Name Result FCD NYC Comments
Becky Chabot Win 3 2

FCD's speed outmatches NYCFC's experience. And George John still won't be seen in Frisco.

Ben Lyon Win 3 1 Dallas wins the midfield and does a fair job of containing Villa. Sets up a HUGE match on the road with Spork next week.
Brian Wachholz Win 3 0 FC Dallas once again takes advantage of a Jason Kreis away team in the summer. Even on the back of his most successful RSL team, JK's teams have struggled in Frisco. New expansion side NYCFC has little to no hope. FCD takes this one 3-0, giving young Jesse his 3rd shutout in 4 games.
Drew Epperley Win 2 1 A few fouls slow down the game but FCD comes out on top in a win that sees Michael Barrios and Fabian Castillo run all over a crappy NYCFC defense.
Jason Poon Loss 1 2 This one screams "trap" game for me. I hope I'm wrong. Oh so very wrong.
Jeremy Villanueva Win 5 1 It's just goal galore after Dallas strikes early. Jesse will face his third penalty kick as Pirlo's paneka is unsuccessful. Castillo, Barrios score two apiece; crazy fifth goal.
Mohammad Bushnaq Win 5 2 The stars shine bright, deep in the heart of my beloved Texas as NYCFC and FCD trade blows before Dallas pulls away in front of a great crowd.
Nathan Hill Win 4 2 NYCFC comes out stronger behind a brace from Villa, but their depth and lack of cohesion continues to give them problems. David Texeira scores his first MLS hat trick, although fans argue whether or not he was trying to score or pass the ball to Atiba Harris on each goal.
Ryan Scalon Win 4 1 That sorry excuse of a defense wouldn't stop FCD even if they packed it in the entire game. It's awful, and scoring 3 last game will give a good boost to the ol' confidence.
Scott Hiney Win 3 1 This is an exciting match, but FC Dallas plays defense and NYCFC does not. That's the difference in this one.
Taylor Hester Win 3 1 No defense can stop Castillo and NYCFC's definitely can't. The young guns will run circles around Lampard and Pirlo.