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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, September 10, 2015

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The weekend draws near for FC Dallas.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

We are inching closer to another home game for FC Dallas as they get ready for NYCFC.

// FC Dallas //

Garcia continues to be a man on the move | Dallas Morning News

Danny Garcia has been between Dallas and Phoenix all year. Making the bench last weekend in Columbus was a positive sign that Garcia is improving here with his loan in the USL.

Cirigliano makes much-waited debut | Dallas Soccer News

A lot of fans have been patiently waiting for Ezequiel Cirigliano to appear on the field with FC Dallas. His limited time on Sunday against Columbus was good, now he has to figure out a way to crack the starting lineup.

Young guns going against international stars |

This is a game I circled a long time ago on my calendar. NYCFC comes to town this weekend with all of their big names but at the end of the day this is an expansion team that FCD cannot over look.

// MLS //

Talking with Third Rail president | Hudson River Blue

This isn't exactly a preview of this weekend's contest but it is an interesting look at what the supporters of NYCFC are dealing with these days.

Vancouver downs Colorado in midweek game | Eight Six Forever

One thing FCD fans will have to get comfortable with in the coming weeks is some midweek games with Vancouver. The Caps earned three big points last night against a weak Colorado side. FCD does still have games in hand against the Caps.

SKC and Portland play to 0-0 draw | The Blue Testament

This may have been the best result FCD could have hoped for out of this match.

Rooney is on Garber's must-have list for MLS |

Don Garber has been making the rounds in Europe this week and his latest talk tells us he wants some Wayne Rooney in MLS. I love the idea of Rooney because he is a big enough player that can probably go to about any market and be fine.

MLS and EPL in talks over new Cup |

More Garber talk here but an Anglo-American Cup just sounds like a complete money grab to me.

Can LAFC compete with the Galaxy | Fox Soccer

The big question continues to be asked of a future expansion side. I still think that market can handle two big clubs without any problems. LAFC has the ownership group to make it work in my opinion. They also have the history of Chivas USA in their back pocket of what not to do in that market as well.

Gerrard loan to Liverpool not on the table |

I can't say I am surprised to see something like that being said.

Football Manager is the world's most influential game | Vice Sports

Yep. I can agree that it probably is. I just wish I had more time to enjoy it each year.