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FC Dallas vs New York City FC: Squad Selection

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To start or not to start five HGPs? That is the question.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was fun last week wasn't it? Here we are playing Football Manager with this FC Dallas squad and Oscar Pareja actually has the stones to do it himself and go with five Homegrowns because he's Oscar Pareja and he does what he wants.

No official word on this, but I'm going to assume with players gone for international duty returning that Danny Garcia will be sent back to Arizona to finish off his loan there. So most likely Garcia and Otis Earle are still out.

On the official injury report (as of 9/9) is still Mauro Diaz and Dan Kennedy. I wouldn't expect them to be ready, but everyone else is fair game.

So what would you do? Do you dare start five HGPs again even though Fabian Castillo, Blas Perez, Je-Vaughn Watson are back? Does Moises Hernandez get back into the lineup or do you keep him in the doghouse? Give us your thoughts below. Happy guessing!

You can see the results here.