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How FC Dallas season ticket prices for supporters compares to the rest of MLS

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Where does FC Dallas' season ticket prices compare to the rest of the league?

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A few weeks back, FC Dallas rolled out their new 2016 Season Ticket package/membership/club/private party or whatever people call these things and it set off quite an uproar on social media. The staff here at Big D Soccer, which some are also season ticket holders members, carefully watched and did some informal gathering (see: creeping) of information to what degree people were upset about (prices) and what the increase was (average looked to be somewhere between 50-100% increase).

So that got us thinking, "Wonder what other clubs are charging in comparison to Dallas?" So I started digging through the interwebs by myself because frankly the other guys here are lazy jerks and dumped it on me (thanks guys!) and came up with a stack of very interesting numbers.

Because every stadium is different and each club classifies each section of the stadium differently, it was hard to create a simple and easy across the board type of comparison. So we landed on the single common section that every club has: Supporter's Section.

So below is a chart of what I found with a few caveats.


I could only dig up Chicago and DC's 2015 figures. I reached out to every club's sales department (because I felt like being a quasi-journalist that day) and only the Chicago Fire, Portland Timbers* and Vancouver Whitecaps got back to me. Unfortunately, they all said the same thing that their 2016 numbers haven't been announced yet. For some reason my Big D Soccer credentials as a writer blogger didn't wow them into giving me any insider information.

But there you have it and from the looks of things, Dallas sits kind of in the middle and even on the cheaper side of the list. Granted, I do know that this $288 is just a number I pulled off their site and some of you readers out there have been quoted differently.**

*Thanks to William Conwell from Stumptown Footy for giving us the Timbers Army figures.

**Many thanks to reader captfantastic for catching my original pricing error.

So this actually catapults Dallas into the second highest in terms of Season Ticket pricing in the league, just behind Seattle. We are curious how this has affected you, our dear and loyal readers.

Were you a season ticket holder? Did you have a price increase? By how much? Will you be renewing? On the scale of 1 to Chris Brown, how pissed are you?