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Workhorse of the Week vs. Real Salt Lake

Three Points. FC Dallas was sliding, but then Pareja and company figured out a way to right the ship against a likewise struggling RSL squad. Huge game and result. Come inside and cast your vote on the unsung hero for FCD.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to last week's Workhorse of the Week, Michael Barrios. Barrios is deserving of the award, as he has been a needed bolt of energy to this struggling team. Kudos to Matt Hedges who emerged as a clear runner up performer in last week's game at Vancouver.


With FC Dallas struggling, someone needed to step up. That someone didn't have to be a player, as Coach Pareja showed Saturday night. With his adjustment of formation and personnel, he gave FC Dallas an opportunity to break out of their rut of poor form and get something positive going. While I agree that the penalty awarded Tesho was a little soft, he buried that PK. It was like FCD woke up at that point.

Fabian's gorgeous strike just cemented it.

You have to dig the resurgence of this team. Sure, they faced an RSL squad that is struggling. Yes, the defense still showed a tendency to make a dumb play here or there. But overall, this was the first strong team effort we've seen in a while. Let's hope this team builds on it in weeks to come.

Cast your vote below for the player who maybe didn't score the goal but did the dirty work to help FCD secure a huge 3 points.

This Week's Strong Recommendations

Victor Ulloa

I got to start with Vic here. He's been dubbed the "workhorse" of this team for a reason, but the past month hasn't been his best body of work. He looked like he may have been struggling with an injury. Whatever Pareja and team did before Saturday worked - Victor looked fresh. Huge game from the young leader.

Jesse Gonzales

We have a GK dilemma again. With Seitz pushed down to 3rd string, Jesse has stepped up big and looks solid between the posts. The question is - does he sit when Kennedy comes back? Probably, but in the meanwhile, great confident performance from the youngster.

Zach Loyd

Zach does what is needed. CB? Sure. LB? Sure. In the same game? Sure. (Heck, any vote for any defender in this game is a solid vote.)

Ryan Hollingshead (Honorable Mention)

While he did not go the full 90, if you bleed for your team, you are worthy of a workhorse honor.