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Big D Daily: News for Friday, August 7, 2015

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The weekend is here but there is a break for FCD.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the first weekend of the year for FCD not to have a game. It is kind of nice.

// FC Dallas //

Toyota Stadium turns 10 years old |

I still have good memories of that opening game against New York. It boggles my mind that it has been 10 years already.

// MLS //

All the deadline day deals |

FCD stayed as quiet as we would expect them to on the Deadline Day in MLS yesterday. They could still sign a free agent or a Homegrown Player before the September roster freeze but even with that I am not holding my breath.

DCU trades Homegrown to Timbers | Black and Red United

It is interesting to see that Michael Seaton was almost immediately not liked by DCU's staff after signing him. Sounds like this young player has some work ethic issues to sort out as he matures. Kind of sounds like some past FCD Homegrown players if you ask me.

Espinonza likely done for the rest of the season | The Blue Testament

A very tough break for SKC was revealed yesterday, as Roger Espinoza has a fracture that will keep him out at least 10 weeks, if not the rest of the 2015 season.

Dos Santos and Zardes help win CCL opener |

It wasn't a hard opening match for the Galaxy in the CCL at home last night but they did manage to get Giovani dos Santos on the boards already.

San Jose adds Panama's captain | Fox Soccer

Anibal Godoy is coming to MLS to play with the Quakes. I wonder if Blas Perez had anything to do with getting him into the league (and yes, I totally see Perez as a player agent once his playing career is over).

Crew sign Gaston Sauro | Massive Report

If anyone has watched the Crew over the last few weeks, you know how badly they need defensive help.

Roman Torres may sign with Seattle | Sounder at Heart

Oh hey, another Panama national teamer in MLS.

LA finds ways to bend rules in USL deal | Once a Metro

It wasn't very known before but LA loaned a couple of their USL players up to their MLS team a little while back. Apparently that is totally cool to do.

// National Team //

US new logo leaked | Footy Headlines

I saw this floating around the last couple of days. It isn't the Centennial logo that I loved but it is a big step above what the US currently uses.

US U-17s draw hosts in a tough group in World Cup |

Boy that is a rough group for Alejandro Zendejas and the US U-17s. Chile, defending U-17 champs Nigeria and Croatia.