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Rumor: Fernando Cavenaghi set to sign with MLS

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This wouldn't be the worst idea at the end of the transfer deadline.

Juliana Flister/Getty Images

As the league's transfer window is set to close today at 5pm ET, or 4pm for FC Dallas locally. The rumors are swirling at a blistering pace this morning. One has caught our eye:

Where exactly is he landing? Hard to tell really even if he will sign with MLS by the deadline. Fernando Cavenaghi was once a target of the New York Red Bulls earlier this year but their claim to him could already be up seeing how that deal fell through.

So why should FC Dallas go after the 31-year old striker? Why not? If anything, bringing in another Argentine from River Plate isn't the craziest idea and we know the kinds of connections that technical director Fernando Clavijo has in that part of the world.

FC Dallas has one remaining roster spot available to use here. But given how quiet the club has been and the lack of rumors over the last couple of weeks, it doesn't seem too likely that we'll get a new player by the end of the day.