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Who's Your Dream Signing for FC Dallas?

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Hypothetical exercise to kill the time while the window closes.

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Drew's already covered the more probable outlooks on what FC Dallas will do as the summer transfer window closes, but I'm going to take it another odd reaching dimension and have a little fun and dream a little. So I pose the question, if FC Dallas could sign any player to fill that last roster spot, who would you want it to be? Some ground rules on this: there are none. Cap space is not an issue. Salary is not an issue. The player's desire to live in Texas (or lack thereof) is not an issue. Actually I take that back, there is just one rule to this: that player has to be a current player. So no digging up past legends like George Best or Pele.

Off the top of my head, this would my my dream signing:

At this stage, I feel the only thing is club truly lacks is a true striker that'll make defenders sh!t their pants whenever he touches the ball inside the final third. Aguero can do it all for FC Dallas. He'll create his own shot, he'll finish anything Diaz and Castillo lays out there for him. Plus, I am also a Manchester United fan (have been since birth thanks to my father), so any chance to weaken Man City and help Dallas would be a cause for celebration.

I would also marginally settle for this guy:

eden hazard

And finally, no matter the age or the cost, FC Dallas absolutely must get this guy:


Because Zlatan does Zlatan things and Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan.

Becky Chabot had this for her dream signing:

He would add a significant amount to our possession in the midfield and he's a danger from box-to-box. He's the best offensively-minded defensive midfielder in the game. Any team with him on it is a better team (and I - Becky speaking here - hate that United will be so much better this season because he'll be on the pitch for them.

So, who would you be your dream signing for this club? Tell us in the comments.