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View from the East: It wasn't me

Last year I went to Chicago and was rightfully blamed for the loss. This time however...wasn't me.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately it came at the hands of Chicago, The last placed team in the league earned a win against our FC Dallas that was coming into the week as the top team in the league. Our team had a win streak that totaled the amount of wins Chicago had all season! Tell me one reason we shouldn't have felt confident in this game?!

After what seems like months of straight 100 degree weather, it was time to sit indoors with our AC units working double-time to watch the game in the comfort of our own homes. Or at the bar!

Unlucky The Entire Game

That was pretty agonizing to watch. We were showing our teeth plenty of times during the match but just couldn't take a bite. Matt Hedges is bound to make a mistake once in his life, this seemed to be his one time. Everyone gets one. It's hard to see how we didn't score sometimes, but at the same time Tex was up front. We'll see Blas up front next game, I'm hoping after seeing Tex disappear again this game.

Let's Forget This Happened

There's no reason to dwell on this loss. Usually I'm more pessimistic about this but this loss doesn't hurt as much as others to be honest. This should serve as a wake up call for the team, for Oscar Pareja, and hopefully it'll be our last without some of our key players like Blas Perez and Moises Hernandez. Definitely a game to leave behind, and use as a wake up call. This bye week coupled with this loss should do FC Dallas some good in getting back on the correct path.

Most exciting player to watch, this time I have to give it up to an opposition player, David Accam. Dude looked on today, came to play, and really looked good in contrast to Castillo who was more lackluster this game.

Where did y'all end up watching the game from? Did anyone go to the pub to watch the game? Anyone else already forget about this game? What game? Huh? Let me know in the comments below!