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Options are limited for FC Dallas as transfer window closes

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One roster spot is left open for FC Dallas but don't expect it to be filled anytime soon.

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Thursday is the day that the MLS transfer window and trade window will close for the 2015 season. FC Dallas and the other 19 clubs can still make deals after that day, provided the player is a free agent or the paperwork is submitted by the Thursday deadline until next month's roster freeze when everything will be set until after the season ends.

FC Dallas currently has one remaining roster slot available at the moment. The club has been rather slow this season to sign players and add depth to the roster. Then again with fewer roster spots than a year ago, it isn't too surprising to see the team take a more managed approach about this given the team's good record this year.

So will the club do anything with that open slot? Time to weigh the potential options that are out there. We may spend more time later this week looking at what holes are left to be filled here this year.

Trade within the league

This could be the quickest and easiest route for the club to take if they want to bring in someone that can make an impact on the club's stretch run this season. They have already done this once with adding defender Bakery Soumare from Montreal for Kyle Bekker.

We've seen a few deals come and go over the last couple of days in the league including Columbus getting forward Jack McInerney from Montreal and the swap of Alvario Saborio to D.C. United from Salt Lake.

If the club were to go after a player in the league to fill a depth spot either at forward or again in the midfield, they will certainly have to be active right now in getting a trade together.

Homegrown route

I mentioned this last week in a post about future HGPs with the club's academy system. Right now, this option is probably the most likely in my mind that could happen with that remaining spot. Players like Devin Vega, Aaron Meyer or Weston McKinnie have the potential to be signed and would basically be like some past fall HGP signings like Danny Garcia or Alejandro Zendejas.

The Fernando Clavijo Special

I've decided to dub the annual cheap roster filler this title. Each year it seems Technical Director Fernando Clavijo has brought in some sort of filler to be on the roster for a couple months to basically be an extra warm body in training and ultimately collect a small paycheck for a couple months. Last year it was defender Walter Cabrera, before that it was guys like Matias Jara and Erick. Basically, all were players that showed up out of shape and were never able to crack the starting lineup.