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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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The bye week rolls on for FC Dallas.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We're slowly rolling along this week as FC Dallas enjoys some time off.

// FC Dallas //

Road lethargy continues to hurt FCD | 3rd Degree

Sunday just proved how far FCD has to go to get to that top level of play in this league.

Scarf of the month is deep in the heart of Texas |

I sort of forgot about the club's scarf of the month promotion here as we moved into a new month. I haven't gotten one all year long because of the lack of online purchase ability. But I do like this one.

// MLS //

Portland and Fernandez part ways |

Rumor has it that Gaston Fernandez is heading to Argentina instead of somewhere else in MLS.

Is Laren the best rookie in MLS ever |

He'a already tied the rookie mark for goals in a season. I know there is some serious love for Chicago's Matt Polster out there (mainly by people that work for, but I don't see a way that Cyle Laren doesn't win the ROY this year.

DCU picks an architect and scales back renderings | Black and Red United

United continues the ever slow march towards their own soccer stadium. For a quicker grab at what appears to be new renderings, head over to the Washington Post. Gosh I hope those renderings there aren't the right ones. That stadium looks bland compared to the renderings we've seen a couple times this year.

Evans on the MLS CBA: We were handcuffed | Seattle Times

In other news, players are still upset over the latest CBA. Fun.

Security questions raised at PPL | Brotherly Game

Apparently on Saturday there was a lot of issues between the Red Bull supporters and the security in the stadium at PPL Park. I think part of the problem there is having the visitors section right next to the Son's of Ben.

David Luiz eyes MLS future |

He had plenty of positive things to say about the league including how he plans to play in it someday soon. I'd take him here in Dallas.

CCL group stage preview: MLS and Liga MX teams favored | Fox Soccer

The CONCACAF Champions League is back in full force with a couple of FCD's western rivals being involved.

Chattanooga FC moves into NPSL final in front of record crowd | FreeTimesPress

Dang, nearly 10,000 showed up for a NPSL game. I'll continue to hint at this but Tennessee is part of the 'soccer map' that really needs a team in one of the three bigger leagues in the US.