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Big D Daily: News for Monday, August 31, 2015

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Monday after a win is always a good thing.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

August is nearly over as we have one final day in the month before we push forward to the final two months of the season.

// FC Dallas //

Tale of two penalties | Dallas Soccer News

One team converted their penalty on Saturday night while the other got stopped by a Homegrown keeper making his second start.

Tesho makes good on his promise to Pareja |

Call it a sophomore slump or just teams figuring him out or something else all together; it has been a long season for Tesho Akindele. He finally scored again on Saturday night and even if it was from the penalty spot, it came up big when the club needed him to.

// MLS //

The Alonso effect and more from Week 26 |

A lot of comments in this one on DCU's struggles, Seattle and Portland's game, and a few other things. But go ahead and scroll to the bottom and see Matt Doyle's comments on FC Dallas.

Klopas out in Montreal | Mount Royal Soccer

Four years, four different head coaches for the Impact. Not a fun place to be and you do wonder if Didier Drogba regrets going there to get his paychecks. Did you have them pegged as the first team to fire their coach? Personally, I had Chicago down but Montreal was a close second.

Biello's difficult task in Montreal |

More on the man replacing Klopas in Montreal. Lets just say it is going to be an uphill battle.

Kreis wonders if his players even care | Hudson River Blue

Speaking of another fun situation, Jason Kreis has not had a good go of things in NYC lately.

13,000 minutes of Dax McCarty | Once a Metro

This one makes me a bit happy though to start the week. Dax was always a favorite of mine here in Dallas and he still is in NY.

Giovinco call up is huge for TFC and MLS | Waking the Red

I'd argue that Fabian Castillo's is pretty damn big as well but I get where Toronto fans are coming from here on this one. As much as I hate the September international window for MLS clubs, it is pretty important for guys like Giovinco and Castillo to earn call ups.

Seattle, SJ and NY are big winners during Rivalry Week |

Three big rivalry games this weekend, all saw home teams fare very well in them.