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View from the East Stand: Lines Lines Lines

What better place to see our team return to form than in the comfort of a seat in Toyota Stadium?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was a perfect weather in Frisco, with a cool breeze coming in to help with the warm weather. It was a fairly large crowd with an unreal amount of kids at this one. Not sure if it was youth soccer night or something. There weren't many RSL fans from what I could tell, but on the West side there was a front row contingent with a banner.

There were larger than usual lines to get into the stadium in the north and east entrances. Not sure if the lines were due to added security or if everyone just decided to show up to the game last minute. The lines at the north entrance were particularly long and snaked around the sidewalks and streets.

East Stand Heckling

Philips, the left back for RSL, and Kyle Beckerman were subject of much of the heckling coming from the east stand this game. Every time RSL visits Frisco, Kyle can't seem to get enough words with the referee. Although there were some questionable calls, the fans grew tired of the U.S. international hanging on the ear of the ref constantly. Philips was targeted mainly because he played closest to the east stand in the first half, no other reason.

FCD Back With Pace!

That first half, Watson and Barrios were giving us a treat down the right side. The amount of speed was killing Philips as he tried to track both runners into his own territory. Fabian Castillo also had some great runs, some of which should have found a better finishing touch.

Speaking of finishing touch though, why did David Texeira feel the need to take a touch in the box to set himself up on the couple of occasions he ended up with the ball in the box? It's like the young guy was nervous to take it first time and it would cost him with a defender getting to the ball taking it away from him. Good movement, nice work rate, just needs he's been needing for more than a year now....

My most exciting player of the night had to be Michael Barrios. The speedster was a menace on that back line, and his runs had fans rising to their feet on multiple occasions. Really wished he would've hooked up with Castillo near the end to bury a 3rd goal into the net. Close miss.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: "You're a toilet!" - kid sitting in the east stand trying his hand at a little trash talk. Quite hysterical.