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FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake: Match Predictions

Does the losing streak end or are we headed to full on panic on?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
Name Result FCD RSL Comments
Becky Chabot Draw 1 1

I'm feeling pessimistic this week. 1-1 draw. I just feel like it's going to be a really frustrating match. I hope I'm wrong.

Ben Lyon Win 2 1 The return of Mauro reignites the foundering form of the fighting FCs.
Brian Wachholz

Drew Epperley Win 2 1 Returning home gives FCD a boost as RSL struggles with the heat early in the match.
Jason Poon Win 3 0 Tesho breaks out of his slump with a brace and Ulloa punctuates the win with a sick volley to open his account. Gonzalez starts again.
Jeremy Villanueva

Mohammad Bushnaq Win 2 0 If Diaz is playing, 2-0 FC Dallas. The defense has another solid outing and #10 pulling the strings helps with our scoring problem.
Nathan Hill Win 3 1 I like our chances at home with Mauro Diaz returning to the lineup. I'm expecting another lineup surprise though. Fabian starts this one on the bench, maybe?
Ryan Scalon Win 2 1 I'll be optimistic this week. With 1 win in their last 4, RSL is the perfect bounce back team to get us back on the right track. And if we don't win this, panic time.
Scott Hiney Win 2 0

Sometimes, a little home cookin' cures everything. Castillo dazzles us for the first time in a while and the boys nab three points.

Taylor Hester Win 3 1 The attack finally clicks again and RSL can't keep up with the pace of Castillo and Barrios in the heat.