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FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake: Squad Selection

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Just start all the kids already

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

One thing's for sure, Oscar Pareja really likes to keep us (and possibly his team) guessing on who's going to play, who's going to start on any given week. Competition is good and healthy for this club and nobody's place on this squad is safe. For whatever reason, Moises Hernandez' star has faded and he has fallen out of favor with Pareja and hasn't sniffed a start in nearly three months despite being the only true left back on the team (minus Otis Earle who is out on loan). Not even Dan Kennedy or Chris Seitz have their spots guaranteed with the rather surprising start for Jesse Gonzalez last weekend.

Which brings us to this week and our squad selection. Will you continue to reward the Homegrown kids and give Gonzalez another look at goal? Ezequiel Cirigliano finally made the bench last week, think he's deserving of a few minutes this time?

Mauro Diaz is still listed on the official injury report (as of 8/25). Danny Garcia and Otis Earle are also unavailable because of their loan. Outside of that, everyone else should be fair game for selection. Who will you go with?

**Edit: Thanks to commentor CousinDeke73 for also pointing out that Atiba Harris is also not available for selection due to suspension for yellow card accumulation.**

You can see the results here.