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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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We're trying to get over the hump on this week.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The week rolls on as FC Dallas gets set to host RSL this weekend.

// FC Dallas //

The Dallas roster suddenly has more questions than answers | Dallas Soccer News

From striker to the entire defense, the club has definitely a lot of issues going on that need to be discussed out. These things typically happen in a losing streak like this one.

Plenty on the line |

This weekend is certainly one of those 'six-pointers' that we always talk about this time of the year. I'd argue at this point that just about any remaining Western Conference match is one of those games.

// MLS //

Matt Miazaga showing his potential is real in NY |

I'll continue to tell you all that I think NY is the real deal out of the East this season. Miazaga is one of the biggest reasons why as he has proven to be a very big time prospect turned big time starter for the Red Bulls.

DCU wins 3-0 in CCL match to say atop of their group | Black and Red United

So far, so good for the MLS sides in the CCL group stage. All are doing about what we'd expect them to here.

The continued growth of Manneh | Eighty-Six Forever

FCD saw first hand on Saturday how good Ketuka Manneh is turning out to be. It seems each time we meet the Caps, Manneh has a pretty good performance.

Red Bulls hosting a Town Hall for the second time this year | Once a Metro

I have to give the Red Bulls a ton of credit for how they've handled this season. It was rocky in the beginning but winning has certainly cured a bunch of those issues. I love that they are doing Town Halls with the fans too.

Ballot revealed: MLS 24 under 24 | 91st Minute

One of the most debated features that come out of the league's website each year now is the 24 under 24. Kudos to TDS's Will Parchman for sharing his ballot on this. Nice to see three FCD guys on his list.

San Jose has found their spark |

Out of the clubs below FCD right now in the standings, the one I am most fearful about has to be San Jose. Dispatching both SKC and DCU on the road last week was a huge eye-opener.