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Workhorse of the Week vs Vancouver

With Mauro still missing in action and Dan Kennedy staying home, FC Dallas went into Vancouver needing points, but Vancouver's improved defense thwarted the best the Hoops could do. Come inside and cast your vote for Workhorse of the Week.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Kellyn Acosta, quickly becoming the potential Workhorse of the Season frontrunner with a dominating performance in the polls last week.

That long flight to Vancouver isn't very fun, but it's worse when your team goes in needing some points and comes away with a goose egg.

Was this the worst performance of the year for FC Dallas? By any stretch, no. FCD looked a little rejuvenated and took the game to Vancouver, putting the home team on their back foot throughout the game. The team lacked Diaz though - they had players in solid positions but needed that one ball, that one bit of flair to open up the defense.

Despite again fielding a makeshift back line, this time with Zach Loyd starting at left back, Pareja seems to be rolling the dice to try to figure out what collection of defenders offers the best chance to win. I'm not sure they found it. Atiba Harris wasn't particularly good in this game. Je-Vaughn Watson used his speed to great advantage at CB, but it wasn't enough to prevent the one goal that Vancouver needed. Zach was solid in his position, showing some of the experience that makes him a better option there, but his crossing (and the rest of the team's) was a mess.

You saw some decent performances from the squad, but decent isn't cutting it this late in the season as October draws nearer and nearer. Every team is feeling the pressure to grab points and get safely into playoff position.

Will FCD turn it around... again?

Anyway, who stood out for you? Which player defined the grit and hustle of this franchise? Who would you nominate or vote for this week's Workhorse of the Week?

This Week's Strong Recommendations

Michael Barrios

I'm giving Michael some love. He was a huge offensive bright spot for this team that suddenly can't score goals. He played with serious energy and a sense of joy. He went the full 90 even as Fabian Castillo seemed to wither and fade. If he keeps up these performances, he's going to have a nice career in MLS for years to come.

Zach Loyd

Given his bad crossing, Zach was a cool breeze for what has been a stale defense. His veteran savvy and good energy makes him one of my favorite players to watch. His runs were a lot more patient and directed than we saw from Ryan Hollingshead, but it still is difficult to have a right footed player in that position. Great effort against Vancouver!

Jesse Gonzales

Starting your first MLS game in a tough environment is probably not high on young goalkeepers' lists. But Jesse stepped in and showed his quality and potential. Again, far from perfect, but a solid performance. When he earned the second spot over Chris Seitz a few weeks ago, maybe we should have seen this coming. Will we see him again there soon?