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Big D Daily: News for Monday, August 24, 2015

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Time to get into the final week of August.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about you all but I am ready to say goodbye to August.

// FC Dallas //

FCD's Supporters' Shield chances take a big hit | Dallas Soccer News

Let's not even worry about the Shield for a moment, with teams like Salt Lake and San Jose rising from the bottom, FCD has more to worry about right now in terms of just making the playoffs.

One play made a difference in the loss |

Not having Mauro Diaz also made quite the difference for the club. In the final third, the team just lacked his special stuff.

// MLS //

Thoughts from week 25 and more |

Matt Doyle has returned from his little vacation to bring us his thoughts on the past week. He spends a lot of time on the LA-NYCFC match that was the weekend headliner yesterday afternoon. Boy that was an ugly defensive game for NYCFC. Kind of makes the 2-1 loss feel at least a little better. Maybe.

Galaxy stars hammer NYC |

I'll spend a little more on the NYC game myself. LA looked like a monster compared to what NYCFC had on the field. Poor David Villa too, he had very little help in this one. But once again LA is proving how to properly build with DPs in this league.

2015 Stats visualized | Stat Hunting

I meant to put this into the links one day at the end of last week but last week really got away from me. Anyways, our old pal Steve put this super handy chart together that also lets you imagine what it would be like if a team added a big star to the mix.

Early goals still an issue for DCU | Black and Red United

As good as DCU has been this year, they are one of those club (like FCD) that has had a lot of hidden issues that are starting to come to the surface right now.

Pittsburgh has nothing to prove to MLS | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will continue to say this with regards to about any MLS expansion hopeful out there, if the proper money is being backed and a stadium plan is in place, MLS will come calling. Pittsburgh could support a MLS team if their owner wanted it to and was able to get a bigger billionaire in the mix. The stadium situation is nice but needs to be much larger there. Still, it could be done if the city wanted to.

MLS coaches enjoying an unexpected cushy experience in 2015 |

We've made it to nearly the end of August without a coaching firing in MLS this season. Think about that for a moment. Even the crappy likes of Colorado and Chicago have yet to can their coach. Toronto and Montreal have yet to can their coaches this year. Oddly enough, the last coach fired won the Supporters' Shield. So yeah.