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View from the East: Did you change the channel?

Dallas-based fans had to watch from home as FC Dallas dropped their 3rd in a row in a frustrating manner.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Away games are not fun for the fans back home. They're especially not fun when it's against a team on the rise in Vancouver with our team coming off two losses already. Starting what was believed to be our third string goalkeeper was a gutsy move, but what really struggled was the offense. The team has had to rely on Michael Barrios the past couple games for offensive sparks, this game was no different. After this one though, definitely worried about the hungry teams underneath us looking for playoff spots.

Jesse Gonzalez in goal!

My initial reaction to seeing Jesse Gonzalez as the goalkeeper was "Papi is high". In hindsight though, it wasn't a bad play and may be the start of us trusting our young former 3rd stringer which I'm totally ok with. On the goal, there has to be more blame on the defense than on Jesse on that one. Ketuka Manneh literally walked around our entire defense as we gave him all the space he could want. Then when he delivered the ball, it was killer. Jesse had a good game, but games aren't won on defense alone...

Barrios Sparks Again

I say 'sparks', because we didn't score obviously. Our small Colombian created some nifty chances for himself, and has been trying to carry this failing FC Dallas attack over the span of this losing streak. Our only goal the past three games came off a crazy, and fortunate, Barrios run. Blas Blas, Rolando Escobar, Fabian Castillo, and Tesho Akindele have all been failing us miserably. Sure, they're putting in work, but my TV showed me them not putting it into the back of the net.

Reoccurring Thought During the Game

There was one thought that kept going through my head this whole game as the other results around the league started to roll in. Underneath us are SJ, Houston, RSL, and the Seattle Sounders. SJ is on a three-game win streak that include shut out wins on the road against DCU and SKC. Houston is garbage. RSL are desperate for wins and coming to Dallas next week. A win against us would land them on 3 points behind us. Then Seattle, MLS wouldn't let their darling team miss the playoffs so you know they're in. This isn't looking good guys, we need to avoid the skid now.

My most exciting player to watch this game was Michael Barrios. Although we didn't score, he was active and had a great chance in the second half. This team really needs to stop relying on Barrios though for all their offensive production.

Fan quote of the night: "Ulloa was like, 'wow, this Manneh guy is pretty fast, let's see what he can do', then he backed off."

Did anyone watch the entire game? Who all went to the Pub to watch this one? Was anyone else yelling at the screen in frustration but also in slight confusion as to what exactly was going on? Let me know in the comments below!