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FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps: Match Predictions

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One of our returning interns makes a bold prediction whereas the rest of us are doom and gloom.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Name Result FCD VAN Comments
Becky Chabot Draw 2 2 Exciting for a draw, but ultimately, not enough for either team to pull it off.
Ben Lyon Draw 1 1 A resistable force (Vancouver's home record) collides with a movable object (FC Dallas' propensity for road stink). A slightly more entertaining version of the 1-1 draws in Colorado is this result.
Brian Wachholz Draw 2 2 With Vancouver poor at home and Dallas equally poor on the road - neither team can maintain a back line worthy of 3 points.
Drew Epperley Loss 0 2 The form has taken a serious dip in quality and with Mauro Diaz' status in question, FCD struggles to get their offense going for a third straight game.
Jason Poon Loss 0 1 FCD adopts the bunker and counter approach and hold on until the 87th minute before conceding and breaking hearts of Dallas fans everywhere.
Jeremy Villanueva Win 2 1 Two teams coming off of tough one-goal losses will set up a great match. Dallas puts away the road struggles piecing together something special up top!
Mohammad Bushnaq Loss 0 3 Mauro is out and we can't score. It was either this or a 3-2 prediction but I'm not very confident in getting two goals on the road with Diaz.
Nathan Hill Loss 0 4 Vancouver jumps out early and never looks back. Michel gets minutes at the forward position at some point in the game.
Ryan Scalon Loss 1 2 FC Dallas gets a scrappy goal while Vancouver answers with 2 of their own. Questions start to rise as to why we can't hold on to leads.
Scott Hiney Draw 2 2 Call me an optimist, but the team comes out firing on a Vancouver team still licking its wounds from the SKC game.
Taylor Hester Loss 1 3 The Whitecaps are very good at home and they're hot. FCD is pretty bad on the road. Castillo will be the only bright spot.