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The Hat Trick, FC Dallas vs Chicago Fire: Brimstone Cup Battle

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The All-Star festivities are over and we get back to business with a Sunday match in Chicago.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas is riding high during their five-game winning streak, including a perfect 4-0 July. The team hasn't gone unbeaten in a month featuring at least four games since 1997. Now, the team turns it's attention towards the Windy City. My three thoughts:

Don't Get David'd

In this league, the season gets grueling. It goes on through the hottest months of the year, the travel puts you all across the country, and players are often splitting time between club and country. With that in mind, it's important that FC Dallas wins the games it should win.

Chicago has talent and they've gained points in over half their home games, but that being said, this is a road game that FC Dallas must win if they want to bring home the Shield. You don't like to come into games with a big head, but I don't see it that way. On paper and with current run of form, this is a game FC Dallas should win. All that being said, usually, it's those exact games that become the most dangerous to a team's success. This happened last year in Chicago when the team lost 1-0 while riding a four-game winning streak.

About Face

From May 23rd to June 13th, FC Dallas was outscored 9-1 over the course of four games, only gaining one point in a 0-0 draw with San Jose. Since that time, FC Dallas has outscored teams 14-3, gaining 16 points in five games. There isn't much clearer image of how to turn a season around from what could've possibly been a summer swoon to what really became a summer success.

That being said, from next week on, eight of the team's remaining 12 games are against current playoff teams. It's very important that the team continue the winning streak going into the LA match, rather than having to reset.

A Lotta Acosta

The emergence of Kellyn Acosta this summer has been one of my favorite storylines. Since coming back from the U-20 world cup, Acosta looks rejuvenated and is really beginning to widen his positioning on the field. Acosta has spent more time going forward, playing even with Mauro rather than behind him with Ulloa. This has served the team well as Acosta has excellent passing ability in tight spaces, while adding more pace to the attack.

FC Dallas is 7-0-3 in games which Acosta and Ulloa start together, and while adding Cirgiliano certainly raises question marks as to how the rotation is affected, I can't see why Oscar Pareja would want to interrupt that balance.

That's all I have, enjoy Sunday's match!