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MLS Fantasy Manager: Round 25

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Round 25 kicks off tonight with 2 teams on the double.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

A propos of nothing, this week has been kind of quiet. I'm kind of glad there's a couple of games tonight.

FC Dallas:

It was always going to be a tough ask going without Mauro Diaz and a back line almost entirely composed of converted midfielders against reloaded LA. Sure enough, FC Dallas dropped the first of what will be several '6-pointers' over the next two months.

Speaking of which, a daunting road trip to Vancouver awaits this weekend who sits just above FC Dallas on points per game. Had they not squandered a late lead in Kansas City, the disparity would be wider, and if you want a sliver of hope going into this one, it bears mentioning that Vancouver has failed to win 5 of their 11 home dates this year.

Adds/Drops: I'm not bullish on our prospects this weekend. Although Diaz's injury is considered minor, I wouldn't be surprised if he misses this week. Given the matchup this weekend, I wouldn't be surprised if Dallas bunkers and tries to pinch a goal on the counter. Gun to my head, I would be ok with Acosta and Castillo on my team this week.


Columbus and Montreal are on a bye this week. That said, don't dump your Crew because they play 2 next week after the rest. They also play in Week 27 when half of MLS teams take a break. San Jose is the other team on a DGW next week that plays in week 27, and while they've got 2 VERY tough road games next week, it might behoove you to take a long look at what they've got. Of the 8 teams that have DGWs in the next 2 week, only 3 (Chicago and the aforementioned) play in week 27. Don't get caught overloaded with players from the other 5 DGW teams or the other 5 teams on bye.

Picks to click:

Kwadwo Poku (6.9) M- He scored every way possible last week, and his name will earn you some serious scrabble points. Counting on him as an every week start maybe dicey, but he's budget friendly and should be at least a good switcheroo play going forward. You shouldn't expect 16 points every week, but the value is definitely there.

Tony Tchani (7.3) M- He doesn't have quite the upside of Poku, but he has been regularly earning bonus points. He's a good bet to start both home games for Columbus and is a good add if you don't already have Ethan Finlay and Kei Kamara (whom you should add if you don't have them already for this week).

Kevin Ellis (6.6) M- Sporting Kansas City is one of the hottest teams in the league, so adding Sporks this week is a no-brainer, right? Not so fast- Spork has played a ton of games recently, and it might start taking a toll this week. SKC's DGW will mark their 3rd and 4th games in 2 weeks and their 5th and 6th games in week. There's bound to be some squad rotation this week. Be wary of some serious squad rotation and some wonky results from a fatigued Spork this week.

Sean Johnson (5.5) G- If you're missing Luis Robles or Bobby Shuttleworth this week, let me offer up the case for Sean Johnson. He's got a home game this week against a goal-starved Colorado team, and he has 2 games next week. He's also fresh off one of the all-time best displays of backstopping in a 10 minute span. In some ways, this is just an excuse to post this vine from MLS, but he should be good value over the next 3 weeks (Chicago one of 10 teams playing in week 27) as well.

Full Disclosure:

Given the fact I had to take -8, and Diaz sat last week, it wasn't a total disaster. Once again, I'll post FCBT about 30 minutes before kickoff tonight. Good Luck!

Update: I'm betting on NYCFC this week. Higuain (unlike Zach Loyd) is playing after the birth of his child. David Villa is your guy this week.