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Forbes values FC Dallas at $148 million

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Time for a fun debate, discussion, argument, or whatever on this.

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This is sure to fire up some of you. Forbes has revealed their values of each MLS club today, giving us a look at how valuable each team is as well as their revenue and operating income for the 2014 season.

That influx of talent has been made possible by team owners willing to spend, and spend big. Those investments, which have ranged from mere player salaries to massive soccer stadiums, have led to rising attendance, TV viewership and, most importantly, revenue. The average team is now worth $157 million, up 52% from when we last looked at the league two years ago.


FC Dallas clocks in right around the middle part of the league in value at $148 million, up from the $97 million that the publication gave the club back in 2013.

The club has reportedly earned $24 million in revenue in 2014, which is actually the same as they had earned in 2012 when they last released this information. This does still put FCD in the top half of the league in revenue though, which likely comes from the stadium and the facility in Frisco.

The other big difference in this year's report from 2013's is that the club actually operated in the red in 2014, losing an estimated $3 million. Previously the club had been reported to be in the green, even so slightly at $600k. About half of the league still operated in the red as of last year.

What do you make of these numbers?