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Big D Daily: News for Monday, August 17, 2015

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August isn't going quite like we would have hoped.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Monday after a loss is never a fun thing.

// FC Dallas //

FCD felt they were the better side and LA got lucky |

Both are partly true when you look back on things. FCD had their moments and LA took full advantage of the few that they got.

// MLS //

Week 24 rundown and more |

Boy, this past weekend was a fun one though in MLS with games like SKC-Vancouver and Chicago and Philly. Lots of goals and wild finishes to go along with some interesting results. Also, Obafemi Martins is back in Seattle, which is great for them and bad for everyone else.

Lalas talks about the first MLS season with the Revs | The Bent Musket

If you haven't checked out our friends New England blog lately, they have been killing it with some interviews with players that were around in the 1996 season. This time they got Alexi Lalas to sit down and discuss a few things.

MLS transfer window winners and losers | 91st Minute

FCD didn't make either list but I would venture to guess they were closer to the loser side than the winners side. Seeing how we're just now getting to know what we're getting out of Rolando Escobar and we haven't seen a second of Ezequiel Cirigliano or Bakary Soumare, the loser side seems about right. Still, I agree that SJ, DCU and Colorado are in worse position.

Dos Santos has LA aiming big |

We saw this in full effect on Saturday night.

Red Bull midfield continues their dominance |

If anyone has watched the Red Bulls lately, you're watching a very underrated team that is doing some serious work in the Eastern Conference.

Gomez shows promise in TFC debut |

And while NY looked good on Saturday, TFC did not. But hey, Herculez Gomez played well so I guess there is something positive to take back to Canada.