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View from the East Stand: Double Loss to LA

A warm day in Frisco as the LA Galaxy came to visit FC Dallas in front of a divided crowd.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, a game where the stadium was actually packed. Unfortunately, there was a number of fans with opposing teams jerseys, and also a lot with jerseys for other teams that said opposing players had played for. There was also the saga that had happened before the match, with tensions building up between supporters groups and ownership that made some bold (ballsy) business decisions to say the least. FC Dallas hopefully would put in a good showing in the face of so much adversity in their own home.

Fan Make Up

So this game was more packed with people than usual. Ideally it'd be just more and more FC Dallas fans, a ton of people showing up to support the team in a time of need and adversity. Others that were curious to see what all the hub bub was about. It was some of the above I'd like to believe. What was true though is that Giovani Dos Santos and Steven Gerrard brought fans to the game by the boatload. My guess was, 15% Liverpool/Gerrard fans, and 5% Giovani Dos Santos fans making the total of LA Galaxy fans in attendance to about 20%.

Dan Hunt vs Fans

It's not that clear cut. Or maybe it is. Either way there was plenty of protest around the stadium about recent decisions made by the front office. Mainly the banners in the beer garden that read "We're supporters Not customers" and '#sadfcdfan' which later turned into '#madfcdfan'. Dan Hunt even received boos during the times he was featured on the big screen. Most notably as the President was introducing the Special Olympics teams after the MLS match. Definitely something that gave the game an extra dash of tension.

Special Olympics Game

Always an emotional event these games. Not just for the fans who stay for them, but the families of those participating that get to watch them in action. These matches are definitely a sweet and momentous occasion. Really wish more fans would have stayed for this match. If you stay, guaranteed there's no traffic when you leave.

FC Dallas unfortunately lost this match as well. Ironically, we also took the lead early in the SO game with FCD striking twice in the first half to go up 2-0. LAG pulled one back before halftime, and completed the comeback with 2 well taken goals in the second half.

Most exciting player to watch this match had to be Escobar for sure. So many runs were made, and even though his goal was lucky he definitely deserved it hustling up and down the field so many times. However, he didn't track back to help on the first goal if I remember right. Either way, was very fun to see him play well.

And finally, your FC Dallas fan quote of the night: "Ref are you blind?! What're you doing?!" - kid in front of me on the referees for the match.

Was anyone else surrounded by Gerrard jerseys and Galaxy fans? Who all saw the banners in the Beer Garden? Anyone else stay for the wonderful Special Olympics game? Let me know in the comments below!