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An Open Letter to Warren Buffett

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Wherein one fan begs Warren Buffett to help us all out.

Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Mr. Buffett-

We don't know each other, but having lived in Omaha for many years and having a pretty good sense of your character, I'm writing to you because I think that you're someone who could help us out. I'm a proud Creighton Bluejay and given your ties to the university and the fact that Creighton currently has several players who play around Major League Soccer, I wanted to draw your attention to something that may be of some interest to you.

We are the fans of FC Dallas, reigning Kings of Texas and one of the original ten MLS clubs. We haven't won many trophies, we don't have the biggest stars, but we have a lot of heart. And that's why I'm writing to you today. Because we're starting to feel really disheartened. We're currently sitting third on the table in the Western Conference, with fewer games played than both teams ahead of us, and we have one of the lowest payrolls in MLS. And this is part of why fans are really frustrated. Because our team's current ownership doesn't seem to understand that the decisions they make impact the fans and that fans have some very valid frustrations with the way things are being done.

This week, we found out just how much ticket prices are being raised for next year and while the club keeps saying that more information (presumably that will make their decision make more sense) is coming, it feels more like insult on top of insult on top of insult. From having the worst perks for season ticket holders in the league (while others get lots of fun things like jerseys or scarves, we got candy and a free jersey personalization) to refusing to spend much money on signing players, it's really beginning to feel like the folks who are running the team really don't care about their fans.

Or maybe it's more accurate that they don't care about their supporters, the folks who are season ticket holders and belong to supporters groups, who show up in blazing heat and stifling humidity and spend the entire game on their feet, cheering and helping to keep the atmosphere in the stadium lively. Because these fans are the ones most often screwed over by decisions made by the FCD front office. While things like charging for parking and raising ticket prices impact all fans, those combined with poor communication from the club, policy decisions that are implemented with neither warning nor understandable reasons, and feeling like all the sacrificing that comes with compromise is being demanded of only one group mean that fans are reaching the end of their rope.

How can you help, you ask? Well, you could do one of two things. One, you could buy the team and run in properly, taking time to learn about soccer as a business and not attempting to run the club like it's a football team or a baseball team. That would mean a lot of time and money on your part, but I can assure you that many fans would embrace a change in ownership. Or, if you have no interest in buying the club, you could offer our current ownership your assistance. You have a history of being able to turn businesses around and I know that you care deeply about all of your shareholders and stakeholders. And, at the very least, we could really use someone who can explain to our current ownership why that's important.

Thanks for your time. I may live in Denver, but I'll always be Dallas til I die!


Becky (and I'm sure more than a few others who are up for just about any solution)