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MLS Fantasy Manager: Round 24

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Remember how I bragged about catching Taylor Hester last week? Well, look who got top score this week. Kudos, bru.

No chart this week: Just a huge thumbs up to Taylor and a huge thumbs down to HSG for jacking up season ticket prices in one of the more spineless and baffling ways possible. I can maybe see it if you'd paired this piece of news with a big (and I mean Chicharito big) signing, but no, you did it at the end of the day and the carrot was USWNT Olympic qualifying in the dead of winter. Thanks a lot, assholes.

FC Dallas:

To put a bow on HSG's sublime display of dickishness, they decided to do it before one of FCD's biggest games of the year. This should have been a week where the masses were on fire at the prospect of hosting LA Galaxy and whipping their butt all the way back to Cali, but now the torches are lit, and #sadfcdfan is turning into #madfcdfan.

FC Dallas has already beaten LA in Frisco this year (2-1 back in May), but that was without Robbie Keane. And Steven Gerrard. And Giovani Dos Santos. And the white hot Sebastian Lleget. And without having a large swath of the the fanbase being justifiably pissed at the Front Office. Is it a safe bet to trust in Papi this weekend?

Well the good news is that the team is healthy and rested, and it should be hot in Frisco Saturday night. Whether the Beer Garden is vacated at some point remains to be seen, and one would hope that the interlopers don't drown out the locals when cheering on Steven Gerrard and Gio Dos Santos. This game is really hard to predict so I'm going to do it through a fan's eyes today. The club will shine bright on Saturday despite the best efforts of the front office to sour the fans.

Adds/Drops:  Mauro Diaz ($10.0) will score a penalty and Fabian Castillo ($10.7) will earn a penalty. We're scoring goals on Saturday for sure. This game screams, screams, screams for Blas Perez ($9.1). I'm not betting the farm on the defense here. Even with almost all defensive options available, LA's attack is just too good to feel good betting against at the moment.


Columbus and Montreal are on a bye this week. That said, don't dump your Crew because they play 2 next week after the rest. They also play in Week 27 when half of MLS teams take a break. San Jose is the other team on a DGW next week that plays in week 27, and while they've got 2 VERY tough road games next week, it might behoove you to take a long look at what they've got. Of the 8 teams that have DGWs in the next 2 week, only 3 (Chicago and the aforementioned) play in week 27. Don't get caught overloaded with players from the other 5 DGW teams or the other 5 teams on bye.

Picks to click:

Thomas McNamara (7.0) M- He's averaging almost 6 a game over his last 5. When he plays at home, his average jumps to 6.5 over his last 5. DC can be a tough nut to crack, but the chances will be there. He looks, at worst, to be a solid switcheroo option going forward. Be warned- he will be on a bye in Week 27 (Don't forget about Week 27!!!).

David Bingham (5.5) GK- He's the 4th leading scorer among goalkeepers, has a double dip next week, and another double between now and the Week 32 free for all. If you're out of keepers this week, he's good going forward and has a nice matchup at home with Colorado this weekend.

Marco Delgado (5.5) M- I'm going to bat again for Delgado. He's cheap, and he's an excellent switcheroo play.  There's a DGW, a treasure trove of winnable home games, and no byes down the line between now and Week 32. He won't light it up that often, but he's been great bang for the buck since he came back from the U-20 World Cup. It also bears mentioning that Toronto hasn't been horrible on the road this year (4-6-3).

David Villa ($11.7) F- The perfect partner for your Delgado transfer. Again, be wary of overloading yourself with players on the bye in Week 27, but he's got 2 games next week. He also has 2 home games in Week 29 where he's your no doubt captain (assuming he's healthy). He's just shy of 10 per game at home this year. I don't know what else there is to say.

Full Disclosure:

FCBT made a slight move last week based on Sebastian Giovinco's massive week partnered with the captain's armband. I'll post my lineup closer to kickoff tonight.

Update: Here it is. Went ahead and took the hit on 2 transfers this week looking ahead to next week.  Good luck!