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FC Dallas vs LA Galaxy: Squad Selection

Gio is coming

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

LA has historically drawn bigger crowds to Frisco. Whether that would be because of Landon Donovan, because they are the Yankees of MLS, or in this case they are bringing one of Mexico's best (Yes Donald, they sent us their best) in Giovani dos Santos. If you are relatively new to the soccer scene, then feast your eyes on what he did to America four years ago. If you were around for that, feel free to skip the following video and accept my apologies as I'm not looking to open old wounds here.

FC Dallas have had two weeks to prep for this one and are looking to erase the memory of that embarrassing performance against Chicago almost two weeks ago. And while things are never quite that easy against LA, this LA squad had been pretty abysmal on the road. I know many people loathe what Dallas has been able to accomplish (or not accomplish) on the road, but bear in mind that LA has picked up a mediocre 8 points on the road in 12 games this season (just one win). And Dallas has been one of the best in MLS when playing at home (2.36 PPG) and are enjoying a four game home winning streak.

The question now is who will you start against this Galaxy side? Is it time to get Blas Perez back in? Is it Tesho Akindele's time? Would you give new comer Ezequiel Cirigliano a run at Steven Gerrard? Does Moises Hernandez get back on the field and displace Ryan Hollingshead? Lots of different scenarios for you to think through this time as it looks like the team is completely healthy (at the time of this writing) with the usual Danny Garcia and Otis Earle on loan to Arizona still. So tell us, how you'll secure the three points and put them back into our pockets?

You can see the results here