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A jersey every FC Dallas fan would buy

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Please take my money now.

Mike Miller

Sometimes I love the 'dog days of summer'. It always seems to bring creativity in some people who are looking to beat the heat and find something good to do with their time. One FC Dallas fan has certainly gone well above and beyond that measure by creating a FC Dallas jersey that all of us can hopefully get behind and support.

Mike Miller (or @txmmiller) whipped up this lovely red and blue hooped jersey that would be an amazing kit for FCD to don one day on the field as either a primary jersey or a third jersey.

Miller also created a campaign to get FCD to wear this in 2017 as their new home kit. I signed this and I hope you do as well. I know 2017 seems like a long ways away but given how the league is on a two-year cycle with kits, this is the next available year for the club to have a new home kit. Edit: new home kit actually comes out next maybe this could be a road kit as well.

All I can say when I see this though is: