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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Time to get refocused on league player here.

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Possibly the hottest day of the year is behind us here in North Texas as FC Dallas gets ready to host LA this weekend.

// FC Dallas //

Huge match looms for FCD |

We know how good LA can be with all of their stars in alignment together but can FCD use their dominant home record to outshine the Galaxy? We'll certainly find out.

Find out where your face is on the FCD jerseys |

I know some season ticket holders passed on this and we can see some repeating faces but I do see a couple familiar ones when looking around at these.

// MLS //

How the RSL-SKC rivalry continues to heat up |

I guess ever since these two met in MLS Cup a couple years ago, a rivalry was born. Now that SKC is in the west we get to see them play more often, which is a good thing if you ask me.

Soccer fans used sandwich board in brawl | Fusion

More from the NYC bar fight before Sunday's game. This is certainly not the way to get people interested in MLS if you ask me.

Roman Torres still reportedly joining Seattle | Sounder at Heart

It looks as though the wild rumor is coming true and Seattle is getting a hefty upgrade in their defense for the playoff push. Man, why couldn't Blas Perez push for Torres to come to Dallas instead?

Charlotte wants into the MLS expansion scene | Biz Journals

I keep telling people that Charlotte would be a great market for MLS to get into. Not to mention it would put a good pin between Atlanta and DC on that map.

Are the Cosmos trying to make a run at youth development | 91st Minute

I still really, truly wonder what would have been had MLS gotten the Cosmos instead of NYCFC.

NASL commissioner calls for pro/rel | Telegraph

In the world of crazy news, NASL chief Bill Peterson really wants promotion and relegation for his league. Basically he is going to go out and try to make it happen between the NASL and the NPSL. I think he need to worry more about getting a few teams on the west coast first. Also there is a nugget in there about those Virginia and OKC teams that never seemed to get going that indicates they're done with trying.