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Midseason Workhorse of the Week Update

With the FCD getting a little break, your typical Workhorse of the Week piece will return next week. Instead, let's catch up and see where we are at this point in the season to see who might grab the coveted Workhorse of the Season for FC Dallas.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

In last week's Workhorse of the Week, No One dominated vote tallies, snagging another week where no players on the team managed to impress or showcase their skills against a feisty Chicago side. What a miserable game it was. Anyway, let's hope the bye week gives this team fresh legs.

I took a few minutes to tally up the Workhorse winners over the first half of the season, just to see who was standing out. It's certainly been up and down season so far, although FC Dallas sits in great position to clinch a playoff spot and possibly do more damage if they can figure out those pesky away games. It won't be an easy rest of the season, so nothing is certain.

Here's the early results:

  • Kellyn Acosta - 4
  • Fabian Castillo - 1
  • Matt Hedges - 2
  • Ryan Hollingshead - 5
  • Dan Kennedy - 1
  • Zach Loyd - 3
  • No One - 2
  • Victor Ulloa - 2
  • Je-Vaughn Watson - 2
  • Walker Zimmerman - 2

What do we take from this?

For starters, it's kind of crazy to think that Zimmerman won two weeks with some crucial play. It feels like its been ages since he has contributed, which is a sign of how many players have gotten minutes on the field as injuries and needs arose. Some of us were hoping players like Walker were going to use those minutes and big weeks to springboard into a regular starting spot, but it hasn't happened.

It does definitely seem like people enjoy voting for emerging players who make an impact over the staunch veterans. Loyd and Hedges are crucial to the success of this squad, but they tend to get overshadowed by the young and exciting faces on this team. However, the second half of the season is going to be the time for these guys to really step up and earn some votes.

Otherwise, the list seems to be a pretty good representation of the various players who doing the hard work, week in and out, of earning FCD some points.

Acosta and Hollingshead lead the pack this far into the season, but the stat is a little misleading. Hollingshead charged out of the gate, grabbing some goals and making a huge impact early on for FCD, but he has since faded as his roles in the team has changed. Meanwhile, Acosta has surged in the last 4-5 weeks to grab his Workhorse nods, meaning that he will likely see more votes in his favor in weeks to come. Right now, he's my favorite to win Workhorse of the Season, if he can keep his great play going.

Who do you think has the edge to win the Workhorse of the Season?