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FC Dallas vs Orlando City: Squad Selection

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As an Austinite, I am emotionally charged about this upcoming match against Orlando. I'm actually breaking protocol by saying their name but I will pay for those sins later. For those who do not know, Orlando City was originally based out of Austin as the original version of the Austin Aztex. The owner, Phil Rawlins, abruptly moved the team to Orlando in 2010 and in doing so infuriated the local supporters and season ticket holders, who had already paid for their tickets and were not refunded for their purchase.

Houston is more like that annoying kid brother. You always want to crush them, but they're never really a threat and you just amusing tolerate their existence. Orlando though? I actively root against them at every turn, every opportunity without any regard to objectivity. This team must die and die a horrible death. (See what I mean?)

So, as such, I will not care that this is an away game. If I'm in charge, we start the best 11 and run up the score. This would be my lineup:


As of July 8, there's no one on the official injury report, but FC Dallas is without Blas Perez, Je-Vaughn Watson, Kyle Bekker, Moises Hernandez and Tesho Akindele due to the Gold Cup along with Danny Garcia and Otis Earle gone on loan to Arizona United. Coy Craft is also out with the U-18s.

So who will you start? Are you joining me in this white hot rage against Orlando? Or is it time to rotate the squad and manage minutes and just try to get out of Disney with a point and saved legs?

You can see the results here.