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Five players FC Dallas should keep an eye on during the 2015 Gold Cup

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The summer transfer window opens during the big regional tournament.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As the summer transfer window opens up and Major League Soccer prepares to add another weird rule to how rosters can be built, the Gold Cup begins tonight in Frisco.

FC Dallas will be dealing with the player losses this month but the club should also take the time to scout the tournament heavily given the fact that it does start in their own stadium. Tournaments like this are always a prime time for clubs to scout new players or continue to evaluate ones that they have had their eye on for some time.

Here are a handful of players that FCD could take a closer look at this month.

Bryan Ruiz (Costa Rica) - We've discussed why FC Dallas should be looking at Ruiz in the past and that thought still hasn't changed in my mind. Ruiz will likely be at the center of everything in the attack for Costa Rica in this tournament. The guy scores big goals, something FCD could certainly find handy as the playoff push continues to get going here.

Anthony Lozano (Honduras) - Another forward on my list for FCD to watch. He'll get to be front and center tonight against the United States' defense. The 22-year-old has scored five goals in 14 appearances for Honduras. Right now I think FCD fans would take him over David Texeira.

Celso Borges (Costa Rica) - Right now the biggest hole FCD has in their roster is in the middle of the midfield and Borges would be a great fit to plug that hole. He has excellent range in the midfield and can pass with the best of them. The downside is, he would require probably a hefty transfer fee to get him into MLS and to Dallas.

Harold Cummings (Panama) - We know Blas Perez loves to recruit his teammates from Panama to Dallas now so why not add some central defensive depth while we're at it. Cummings fits in nicely in my mind at the age of 23. He already has a ton of caps for Panama and has good experience in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Bryan Acosta (Honduras) - He is just slightly older than the current Acosta on the FCD roster but this defensive midfielder would be a great addition to fill that midfield hole that FCD has. His soccer IQ is good for a 21-year old and he has some serious pace about him that would keep up in MLS.