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Triple S: Quelled Revolution

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I have never been happier to see a rebellion repressed as I was on Saturday when FC Dallas gave the home crowd a complete performance and defeated New England 3-0 on Saturday.

Kellyn and the gang celebrate Mauro's cheeky free kick.
Kellyn and the gang celebrate Mauro's cheeky free kick.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

On a day of celebration about freedoms and liberties for all in this country, nobody was happier to see these fake "Revolution" crew get the worst treatment in our beautiful town of Frisco, Texas. FC Dallas with back-to-back comprehensive league matches for the first time in a long time, looking dynamic in attack and playing astute defensively in the 3-0 thrashing of New England at Toyota Stadium on July 4th.

The Splendid

Michael Barrios had been showing glimpses, flashes of brilliance during Open Cup play, but has never really been translating it into regular season matches for whatever reason. Well, he joined the party on Saturday with a tremendous run (and through ball by Mauro Diaz) and beautiful outside of the boot finish into the bottom corner to send the Toyota Stadium crowd into a frenzy. Three more points and not just any points. Three more stylish, complete, thorough points. Barrios has been hit or miss in the first four months of the season. Let us hope he can develop into that threat on the opposite side of Fabian that helps alleviate the pressure off of Diaz and Castillo and makes this attack even more fearsome to face.

The Splendid

Dan Kennedy has now posted shutouts in consecutive matches with Harris and Watson starting at right and left back and that is pretty impressive. New England is a good attacking team with many excellent weapons on the offensive side of the ball. The two converted midfielders were up to the task and have even brought an added element to the attack while Moises Hernandez has been on duty with Guatemala and have looked pretty solid in the process. The speed coming out of the back line for overlaps has helped the attack move more efficiently than before and helped alleviate the rut that the offense was in on the road trip. Will it translate to away matches? Time will tell and they have a good chance to cure some road woes against a weakened Orlando City team this weekend, but I have enjoyed the nice blend of finishing and defensive prowess in the last couple of matches regular season games.

The Splendid

Splendid. Spectacular. Outstanding. Phenomenal. What more can you say about Kellyn Acosta and Victor Ulloa's dominance on Saturday night? I have used many characters describing how impressed I have been with Victor this season, so this time the splendid slot will be dedicated to Mr. Acosta. Kellyn had arguably his most governing performance on Saturday AND he did not pick up a yellow card while doing so. Kellyn has struggled a bit with his rash challenges so far this year so to see how perform at the level he did without picking up a caution is really a testament to his continued maturity into a central midfield option for FC Dallas. By continuing to play side-by-side in the manner that they have been doing, Victor and Kellyn will continue to grow and become one of the league's best tandems in the center of the pitch. Kellyn's play has also helped Diaz find more space and helped feed Mauro the ball more as he has been making more of an impact while Acosta is on the field lately. Finally, congrats to Kellyn on his first FC Dallas goal even if it did come in a 6-2 loss. It is always good to see center midfielders find their way into the attacking third and finishing their chances. Good on you, Acosta!

The Sickening

This is one of the matches on the schedule that the FC Dallas FO fully expects to sell out, year in and year out, so it was particularly disturbing when the announced attendance was 19,140. Something is different about the deals the team is offering this year, "FCDeals" and it may or may not be having an impact on attendance. I have not seen that many this season and it may be an indication of a cultural shift for the team's mentality as they try to move away from giving away tickets and focus more on getting people to buy them from the sales staff at discounted prices. Either way, we will not see if there is benefit to the switch unless attendance numbers magically go up towards the end of the season. As of now, we may be look at a decline in attendance, but I will leave that to the statsy guys on the BDS team to look at.

Has Barrios finally arrived for FC Dallas after his first goal in league play?

What are your thoughts on the Harris and Watson back line? Can they maintain their good form?

Is Dan Kennedy the undisputed number one right now with back-to-back shutouts while Seitz, unfortunately, let six goals in the last game he played?