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Workhorse of the Week vs. New England Revolution

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From a 6-2 crushing loss to a stunning 3-0 win, what is going on with this team? Are they still figuring things out? Regardless, let's celebrate a win while we have it. Come inside to vote on this week's Workhorse of the Week.

Yes, Je-Vaugh, we love you.
Yes, Je-Vaugh, we love you.
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Congratulations to Kellyn Acosta for destroying the vote tallies with 40 votes in last week's poll. Victor Ulloa was a very distant second with 8 votes. Thanks to Kellyn's family and friends for padding the ballot box in his favor, but hey, he did alright.

When I started this series, I didn't count US Open Cup games into my equation. Do they count or not in who to vote for the Workhorse of the Week? You decide, I suppose. This team definitely did the Jekyll and Hyde type of performance this past week, from a stunning, dismal, disastrous loss to a fairly dominant display in Frisco. It's still pretty frustrating in total. Yeah, the home win on the 4th was pretty huge, but a 6-2 defeat is the result of a team that wasn't prepared to play or had already made the decision to focus energy elsewhere. And for most fans, that isn't good enough.

However, that US Open Cup game did not feature Mauro Diaz or Fabian Castillo, two players who might have at least offered a chance at a closer game.

Looking back, had the loss to SKC been a tight fought 1-0/2-1 loss, I don't think #sadfcdfan would have been so prevalent. 6-2 is just a crushing FIFA video game type score that should embarrass the whole organization. On the other hand, a 3-0 win at home is very welcome. We FCD fans are stuck in this contradiction right now, trying to figure out whether to breathe a sigh of relief or remain pissed about the direction of this team.

Sporting Kansas City aside, FC Dallas looked great against New England. Mauro and Fabian dictated the game. Hollingshead looked rejuvenated. Our midfield bossed the game. The defense looked like its potential dominant self. This was a team that had woken up from its late spring struggles.

Too bad it took a blowout to do it.

Cast your vote below for the player that you thought worked his butt off to turn the tables for FC Dallas and get some more positive momentum going. And then hopefully we will be celebrating another 3 points next weekend.

This Week's Strong Recommendation

Je-Vaughn Watson

If you had asked me early last season, I would have been proud to be the President of the Anti-Je-Vaughn Watson club, but the guy had his best game in an FC Dallas kit so far. He was fantastic in a difficult left back position, hardly putting a foot wrong, hardly missing a pass. I don't know what has clicked for him, but he is taking his chances to impress and emerge as a leader for this team. And the team needs it. Vote for Je-Vaughn Watson, this week, seriously.