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Rumor: FC Dallas eyeing another River Plate midfielder?

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The rumor mill is spinning up again.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

What do you know it is time for another transfer rumor for FC DallasReports out of South America indicate that FC Dallas is going after another River Plate midfielder in Ezequiel Cirigliano.

The 23-year old had been on loan with Serie A Hellas Verona in the 2013 season and attempted to get a full transfer to the Italian side last year but River Plate refused. Cirigliano did not play much at all since that disagreement with former D.C. United midfielder and now current manager of River Plate, Marcello Gallardo.

Now do we take this rumor serious? Some tweets out there indicate that some talks are pretty heavy and given FCD's track record of going to South America for signings, this one could take off.

Cirigliano does fit one of the positions that FC Dallas is looking to fill in the central midfield. But at a young age, you have to wonder if it is worth going after another project from River Plate instead of going after someone a little more seasoned. Cirigliano has played around 900 minutes or so in the last two years between River Plate and Hellas Verona. I would rather see the club get someone a little later in the 20s in this role that has at least played some quality minutes in the last two years.