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FC Dallas vs New England Revolution: What we learned

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While FCD may be inconsistent, they're at least showing well at home.

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So the last week has been a bit of a roller coaster for FC Dallas fans. After a six-game winless streak - that lasted during the club's longest road trip ever - the team returned to town to knock off their chief rivals Houston 2-0. They followed that up as we all know now with a 6-2 blowout loss on Wednesday in the USOC to Sporting KC only to return home again and dominate New England 3-0.

Jekyll meet Hyde. Hyde meet Jekyll.

Seriously, the last few weeks have messed with all of our psyche here. The easiest way to put it is that when this club is on, they are really good. And when they are off, they sure know how to stink up the place.

The Magician returns

While I don't agree with some comments out there about Mauro Diaz and how inconsistent he can be based on his history at River Plate, it was really nice to see the MVP-quality in him shine through on Saturday night.

I think the inconsistent nature of his play really comes down to maturity. After all, he is still only 24-years old here folks. Sure he has been playing professionally for a while now but sometimes maturity doesn't set into a player until they get through their early twenties. Truthfully speaking, the maturity aspect of the game is something that really plagues this entire team given how young most of the players are.

But back to Diaz. This was a night that he got fouled plenty but still managed to put his stamp on the game. When he is able to get just an extra second on the ball in games like this, we see lots of great passes like the one he dished to Michael Barrios for his first MLS goal.

Also, that free kick was something else. He's been missing from that spot all season long and part of it had to do with getting some loft on the ball to break the wall but not go over the bar. Instead, he opted for the bullet of a shot below the wall. Cheeky stuff if you ask me.

Balance in the middle

Yes, New England had a couple moments in this one but they truly never looked the part on Saturday night. I think a lot of that has to do with the way Jay Heaps coaches them and since Jermaine Jones is sidelined. This New England side is completely different with him out on the pitch. Same goes to their defense with Andrew Farrell, who was sitting on a red card in this one.

As we saw the game progress though, it was the Dallas midfield that controlled this one. Kellyn Acosta and Victor Ulloa played beyond their ages once again, completed 82 of their 97 passes on the night. That kind of calm passing and defending in the middle of the park goes such a long way in keeping the pressure off a banged-up Matt Hedges and Zach Loyd. It also allowed Diaz to be himself in this one as well.

Other observations

Barrios looking comfortable. It always takes a new player some time to get used to MLS. We know that. Right now, Barrios is starting to look like he has been in MLS for a couple years now with the ease of play he is displaying on the field. He is making good runs and is finally getting rewarded for it. I'd personally like to see him get some starting spots over Ryan Hollingshead.

Close but not sold out. I know other folks will spend way more time on this than I will but it was rather disappointing to not see the sell out crowd number listed at the end of the box score in this one. FCD was about 1000 shy of that mark, give or take a few seats.

For a game that is typically billed as the one true sellout of the bunch each season, this has to be an eye opener to the front office that something is missing, or something isn't quite working the way it once was. I don't think at this point it is a performance on the field issue either. The lack of marketing around Dallas is part of the issue. So has the weather this season (though I tend not to lean on that as much as I can here). The next two home games are a big test for this club to get more people in the stands, especially if a winning streak continues.