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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, July 30, 2015

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The All-Star break is over, time to kick start the stretch run.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The All-Star game has come and gone with MLS winning this time around.

// FC Dallas //

Castillo impresses on the big stage |

Our very own Fabian Castillo got 45 solid minutes of action last night with the MLS All-Stars. It was definitely fun watching his speed against some EPL players.

// MLS //

The Birth of the League |

If you haven't spent time reading this oral history of how the league got started, just do yourself a big favor and read it now. Go on, I'll wait here. So many good nuggets in this one too.

My birth of the league anecdote | 3rd Degree

Good ol' Buzz Carrick also shares his memories from that first season as well.

Garber discusses ASG format, goal-line tech and more |

Don Garber naturally had plenty to say during the ASG game last night and there were some good notes about goal line technology and potential changes to the format of the ASG.

Kaka and Villa drop jaws for MLS All-Stars |

MLS looked good against Tottenham last night as Pablo Mastroeni put a very competitive side on the field with a lot of US stars along side the likes of Kaka and David Villa, who shined in that opening 45 minutes.

Garber gives Revs stadium update | The Bent Musket

This one came out of a little Facebook chat with Garber (his appear to go a little better than Dan Hunt's). Good to know the Revs are working hard on this even though the city of Boston dropped out of the Olympics race.

Why Luis Gil's contract offer makes sense | RSL Soapbox

Some interesting thoughts about how RSL is handling Gil these days. They want to keep the young star but you have to wonder if he just needs a new home (which I'd love to see him here with Oscar Pareja...just throwing that out there).

Why building next to the Marlins doesn't make sense for Beckham | Miami Today

Loads of weird restrictions for David Beckham to build a stadium next to the Marlins' Park. The baseball team would get a say in a lot of things from sponsors to stadium design. If this is the best deal the league can get in Miami, I would say it is time to pass on the experiment.

Orlando is working to deal Ricketts back to LA | Orlando Sentinel

After LA's Insider dropped the news that the club has parted ways with keeper Jamie Penedo, you knew they weren't going to sit ideally by with a backup keeper for the rest of the season. While Ricketts is old (and a tad overrated in my book), he does bring the experience factor that Bruce Arena needs.