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Big D Daily: News for Friday, July 3, 2015

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The holiday weekend is here.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about you, but I am ready for some fireworks tomorrow.

// FC Dallas //

Diaby rumor is nonsense | Dallas Morning News

I prefaced the rumor the other day as pure silliness. Now we know for sure what the club thinks about it.

About those Facebook chats Dan Hunt | 3rd Degree

We poked a few holes at this yesterday during the chat on Twitter. Most of our writers actually asked some questions too but this is spot on about the chat itself. Too many canned responses that people see right through. It isn't like a message board where people can hide behind screen names either. Hunt and who ever is sitting with him during these chats needs to hit the reset button on this idea. From what started as a good way for fans to talk with Dan have turned into just bitch sessions.

Know your enemy: New England |

Oh yeah, there is another game tomorrow night! Time to scout the Revs.

FCD lament set piece defending in USOC loss |

It wasn't just set piece defending that cost them that game. The defending was terrible from all aspects of the field.

// MLS //

Renken's journey from rising star to forgotten |

Charles Renken was expected at one point to be the next big thing. But just like with other youth stars, things didn't go quite as planned.

Union fan wants a stack of cash to buy the club | The Brotherly Game

I always pass the lottery billboards and think, "if I won that I would totally try to buy FCD." I guess someone else is having that thought too up in Philly.

Core player explained | Yahoo Sports

We touched on this the other day but here is some more details on the potential new roster rule.

Which players should MLS be scouting at the Gold Cup? |

We may put together a list of players for FCD during the Gold Cup as well.

// Women's World Cup //

You can thank Title IX for women's soccer | The Washington Post

While I'd like to think there are better reasons as to why the US women have been so good all of these years, this one may make the most sense.

Don't compare this team to the 1999 team | USA Today

I can't stress this enough when watching this group play. It is a totally different style and mentality out there but at least the goal is still the same. Maybe if Alex Morgan scores the game-winner on Sunday she can do her best Brandi Chastain impression.