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Lets keep the MLS All-Star Game simple

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A change in the MLS All-Star game format may be the best course of action for the league, as long as it doesn't touch MLS Cup.

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Each and every season Major League Soccer puts on a summer friendly pitting their best players against a foreign club. They dub it an All-Star Game but year after year it looks less and less like one. Between the game being played in the middle of the week towards the end of July and some undeserved players being selected for the game, it is tough to get really excited by this game.

Now I will admit, I've never been a huge fan of this current format that the league employs in this game. I do think that when it was started it did help raise the profile of the league and after some time it did work out nicely. I did rather enjoy my time a couple years ago in Kansas City for the game when the league hosted Roma. But I'll also admit, that was the first time I had probably watched a ASG in ten years.

I only really bring any of this up because of some comments being thrown out by MLS All-Star and Seattle Sounder DP Clint Dempsey this week that the ASG format needs a boost and that MLS should take a page out of MLB's ASG and give the winner of the game home field advantage at MLS Cup.

Yeah, he said that. And yes, I believe that is ridiculous.

MLS finally got to a good place with their MLS Cup over the last couple of seasons by not placing it at a neutral site. Giving it to the team with the highest point total for the regular season is good enough and quite frankly is what it should always be. Straying away from that to a format that places value on a midseason friendly is not where the league needs to go.

Think about it for a quick second. Say this format were in place and FC Dallas won the Supporters' Shield and ran through the playoffs only to find that their opponent would get to host the game because the Eastern Conference won the All-Star Game. Pardon my French but that is bat-shit crazy.

Lets keep the ASG as simple as possible. If that means keeping this format against a foreign club in their preseason, then fine. If that means going back to an East vs West format, all the better. But let's keep MLS Cup out of the picture.

What are your thoughts on Dempsey's suggestions? Think he is crazy? Think I am crazy for not wanting it? Sound off below.