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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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The ASG is tonight!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The we are inching towards a new weekend and a new month here as the All-Star fun is going on in Denver.

// FC Dallas //

Gonzalez huge in Homegrown Game |

Jesse Gonzalez hasn't seen a ton of time with the first team but the times he has gotten on the field make you hope he is one that FCD can keep for the future.

Kennedy making his mark with the FCD keepers | Dallas Morning News

Back on the home front with the keepers, Dan Kennedy has been enjoying probably one of his best seasons to date with Dallas. You can tell a big difference in the team when he is in goal.

At the halfway point, FCD is on top but fall is coming | 3rd Degree

Some good points being made here about how the schedule will only get tougher from here on out. Lots of Western teams on the back end of the slate and I'll just one month forward to September, which puts FCD on the road for three out of the four matches.

Pitchside with Fabian Castillo |

I love the camera work that FCD's digital team is doing these days. Some really cool shots of Castillo here.

// MLS //

Donovan all smiles after coaching debut |

His HGP team wasn't that bad last night against Club America's side. I still wonder if Landon Donovan will begin getting into coaching here or if he will look more towards a front office position.

ASG teams could be selected on play on the field |

I do think we are inching closer and closer towards a ASG that is East vs West again. I really do.

Four ASGs out, five new in |

Really funny to now see Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard sit this game out with injury after Don Garber picked them to play in the game. Wisely, Pablo Mastroeni selected players that deserve to be there. And before you say, where is Mauro Diaz, lets just be thankful he won't have to waste time getting tackled in this game.

A look inside MLS teams using analytics | Fusion

Stat nerds will get gitty over this kind of stuff. I really look forward to the day that FCD gets a little more technical with things like this and reaps the benefits of it.

USL to add a team in Reno in 2016 | Scratching the Pitch

Man the USL may end up with 30 teams next year. FCD 2 better as hell be one of those teams. But kind of cool to see a market like Reno enter into the fold. Any Reno 911 jokes anyone?