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Who are the next FC Dallas Homegrown players?

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FC Dallas has three Homegrown players at the Homegrown Game, but who will be the next in line?

FC Dallas

Going into tonight's MLS Homegrown Game, FC Dallas will be well represented with three players on Landon Donovan's roster as Coy Craft, Alejandro Zendejas and Jesse Gonzalez all earning the call. I've been fielding some questions from folks over the last couple weeks since the news broke that both the FC Dallas U-15s and U016s teams won national titles as to who we should be looking out for as the next Homegrown player with the club.

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking, where the hell is our USL team already? And while you are right, I don't want to spend a lot of time diving into that topic here. All the players listed below would greatly benefit from a spell in the USL if they were signed today and there is really no debating that. In other words, we just need to continue to pressure the Hunts to get on the ball here.

So who are some targets that the club should be considering for a HGP spot? Here are some names to look out for here in the coming years (I'm sure there are plenty more out there but these are the ones that have caught my eye the most).

Devin Vega - This winger had one heck of a season with the U-16s, by scoring a ton of goals (21) and picking up the Central Conference Player of the Year award. I saw Vega play some last year and he was well on his way to having a special year in 2015. He is the type of player that does very well at being in the right spot in space and his finishing is very strong for his age. He's also been called up by the U-17s in the past.

Aaron Meyer - This young attacker was one of the two players Pareja brought into the preseason camp last year with the first team (Craft being the other). The familiarity with Pareja and the coaching staff certainly will help his cause when the time comes for him to be ready. Meyer has spent time this year with the US U-18 team and has done well with the FCD U-18 squad as well.

Weston McKennie - I won't lie, McKennie may be one of my favorite academy players right now. Het has seen considerable time with the youth national team already. McKennie is another midfield prospect that could develop nicely over time.

Toshiki Yasuda - Here is another U-16 forward that had a pretty great season with 19 goals. The pace and skill on the ball are there with this kid.

Giovanni Montesdeoca - The last of the U-16 bunch that I will single out here is Gio. He was another one of the big goal scorers this past season with 21 goals.

Jesus Ferreira - If you are curious about the last name, then you don't need to wonder any more. He is David Ferreira's son and he did extremely well this past season with the U-15s in route to their national title. He has a lot of similar traits that we saw out of his dad when he first arrive in Dallas.

Bobby Edet - This forward has enjoyed a couple good seasons at Furman and down the road may benefit from some time with a USL team.

Mark Ashby - The Harvard defender is about to go into his senior season. He's picked up a lot of awards over the last couple of seasons in the Ivy League.