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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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August is right around the corner but first we have some All-Star stuff to deal with.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We are at the MLS All-Star break, figuratively...not literally. Though I wish I was in Denver this week for all the fun to get away from this Dallas heat.

// FC Dallas //

Young players continue to rise as veterans return from Gold Cup |

My gut tells me that we'll see Blas Perez and Je-Vaughn Watson on Sunday in the bench. No way you can mess with a lineup that has done so well lately.

// MLS //

Donovan embracing first coaching gig |

He'll have three FCD guys to work with tonight in the Homegrown Game.

Drogba officially signs with Montreal | Mount Royal Soccer

As much as I hate the thought of Didier Drogba not coming to Dallas (yes, I really wanted him here), I do believe Montreal will be a good landing spot for him. Sad we won't see him this season though since FCD has already played Montreal. But hey, next year he should be visiting Frisco!

Gilberto to Chicago now official | Hot Time In Old Town

So, Chicago got plenty of allocation in this deal with Montreal and were able to almost get Gilberto for peanuts it seems.

The Brightest Timeline | Sounder at Heart

Just linking this because I love the reference to the TV show Community. So glad I haven't had to write up about FCD's darkest timeline yet.

// Gold Cup //

Don't sweat the US losing the Gold Cup |

I love the quote in this one about how ridiculous the tournament is. I have to say, I kind of agree when you stack it up against some of the other regional tournaments from around the globe. I mean, they play it more frequently as a money grab and it is almost always set up to where the US and Mexico meet in the finals (which hasn't happened in the last two tournaments).

A defense of Klinsmann | ASN

Nice article here but I'm not quite ready to give Klinsmann a total pass for what we saw in this last month. Questionable players called up, weird lineups and it seems as if this team isn't quite where it was a year ago. Maybe we need another 'Sporting News' article to fire things up again.